Report a Claim
It is critical that you report all accidents to the police, regardless of fault or circumstances. Make sure to get the other party’s driver license number and the other party’s insurance information including: name, telephone number, policy number, vehicle information (year, make and model), and effective and expiration date of policy. Record the officer's name, police department and police report number as well as any witnesses and/or injured persons contact information. Please include all other pertinent information that could be helpful in the handling of your claim, and any claim being made against you.

The foregoing is only for general information purposes. You should refer to your policy language for a more specific description of your duties after an accident.

The quickest way to report a claim is to call the telephone numbers listed below.

» If you need to file a claim, and the accident was AFTER 8/1/2018 and your policy starts with FNTX, PTX or DTX please contact:

   WCS Worth Claim Services
   PO Box 2487
   Fort Worth, Texas 76113-2487
   Local: 817-831-9901
   Toll Free: 833-450-2584
   Fax: 817-831-7565

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